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Welcome to Magento Extensions and Development Store! Magento 2 Magento 1. Magento 2 Email Quote. Key Features: Users can request for quote by Emailing the shopping cart. Admin can manage requested quotations and create orders from the backend. Screenshots Live Demo User Guide. Add to Cart. Free Lifetime Upgrade. Free Lifetime Support. Meets Magento Standards. Details Reviews Change Log Details.

Details Bargaining and price negotiation is possible when you are in the brick and mortar businesses. The whole Magento 2 quotation system works smoothly to improve the shopping experience. Admin Gets Customer Quote. Customizable Button Label. PDF Attachment Supported. Privacy Policy Can be Enabled. Customers Gets Product Options. Admin can Apply Coupon Code. To receive the customers' cart email for quotations, set the Email ID, select the template and the Email sender for the same. Option to select customer groups to enable the Email Quote button only for the selected customer groups.

Send an email to the customer thanking them immediately after they submit a quote via Email. Select the success email template, customer email template, and the email sender for the same. Set a custom text for the PDF footer. Set custom privacy notice text from the backend. Select the privacy policy redirection page from the dropdown. Admin gets the whole cart with selected product options on Email once customer submits details in the form.

Admin can create an order from the backend and email it to customers. Quickly send the quote from the "Manage Quotes" grid in the backend for the quotation requests received from Magento 2 frontend. Auto registration of guest users when an order quote is sent to them from the backend.

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The module allows using the default Magento feature of custom price to create an order quote from the backend. Make it easy for customers to checkout directly by emailing them the quote using "EMail Quote" button from the backend Edit and resend already created and sent quotes from "Manage Quotes" by clicking "Resend Quote" action.

Customer Reviews 0 5. Email Quote in Magento 2 done right Fab features and the support was always available when I needed it Review by Alicia. Best email quote extension Good features. Support service is fantastic. Review by Shirley flower. Good support service Meetanshi support team was quite responsive for queries regarding the configuration of the module in my complex store!

Review by Tina. Recommended module for Magento 2 stores! Get a Free Quote. Talk to Igor. Then, click the green button and choose Products Subselection.

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If the total quantity is … will appear. Press the green button below to specify the rule further.

I will select the Category condition. Select the category to apply this rule to in the following list. Then, expand the Labels section. If you have more than one online store, fill in the text for each. Among the vast variety of discounts and promotions, there is one that works perfectly for each and every customer — free shipping.

You, as a store admin, can grant customers free shipping based on a certain cart price rule. Expand the Free Shipping tab. You will get to the following menu:. Press the Add New Rule button and fill in the general information. In the Actions section, set up the following configurations:. Click the green Add button and choose the Subtotal as an attribute. Fill in the sum after which the condition will apply. Click Save.

Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2

Create a Cart Price Rule following the instructions above. In the Actions tab, configure the following parameters:. Create a new Cart Price Rule following the instructions described above. Fill in the general information and expand the Conditions tab. Then, select Category in the line below. Tap the three dots and select the categories from the large list that appears. As you could see, Magento 2 grants wide promotion capabilities to a store admin, and you can experiment and with them until you find the one that will work for you the best.

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  • You are absolutely right, the priority field can be very helpful to store owners, especially when there are multiple cart price rules. If there are multiple Magento cart price rules for different discount offers, then from this option one can prioritize the rules where the lowest number means the highest priority. Your Name. Send us a message to grow your business. Get a free quote now. Search for:.

    How Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator works

    Fill in the following: Rule Name. Status : Active or Inactive.

    Cart Coupon

    Websites — if you are managing multiple, then choose the one the category price rule will apply. Customer groups : Not logged in, General, Wholesale, or Retailer. From — To : set up the time range your catalog price rule will apply. Priority of this rule among other rules.

    As you have defined conditions, move further to Actions tab and set up the following: Apply : Apply as the percentage of original, Apply as a fixed amount, Adjust final price to this percentage or Adjust final price to discount value. Discount Amount — enter a number corresponding to discount percentage or sum. Discard subsequent rules -set at Yes so that the customers would not receive multiple discounts on one product. Press Save.