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Xfinity Double Play: Connection with Reliability

IOS Morac Cat god join Riverside, NJ Lucky you! How are you able to renew it for another 2 years at the same price? Have same package but fees higher on MY side of Michigan and I have never - ever - been able to renew at the same price. My contract ends in Jan I always call Customer Loyalty and ask very, very nicely. I point out truthfully that I have been a customer since and have a stellar payment history and only rare service calls.

Mention being a senior on social security Never a break, per se. Doesn't help that my side of MI was in the cast off area a few years back when CC was going to merge and they still appear to treat us as such. And what gripes my goat is that the EAST side of the state has cheaper prices. My local store is hiss poor unless one is just there to pay a bill.

Thanks, though. Here in the Northeast, the Internet plan that gives you down only gives you 5 up.

Xfinity TV packages and pricing

Anone Anon Nov am Prices for existing customers never as good as previous one. FureverFurry to Anone Premium Member Nov am to Anone said by Anone : Make sure they put it in records so you can still get available and change if you find a better rate at any tiimr. Nice idea but don't hold your breath that they will actually do that.

What is Comcast Double Play?

Or "if" they do, the next CSR is most likely going to claim they can't find any documentation. If you're on a contract and find a lower rate, you would have to pay an ETF. You are allowed to downgrade without penalty though, even after 30 days. Anone Anon Dec-2 am Has anbody been able to get a lower rate for exising customer exact same package under an existing contract? Stuck with crappy Starz instead. I look forward to the faster service and smaller bill realizing it will increase in a year.

Comcast made me an offer, I accepted and when the equipment arrived it did not work, after several days they finally got it working but were charging me more but offering less. When I got mad that they were up-sellin me crappy service I decided to go back to my original plan they that my original plan was no longer available at that price so all in all I ended up having to pay for same crappy service but at a higher rate. Comcast cc2arms.

Activating Your Xfinity Internet and Voice Services with the Self-Install Kit

I found a lower cost Internet provider, gave Comcast the boot, and now stream all my entertainment. May I ask the name or names of some lower cost competitors and what you think of them?

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We have had ATT Uverse for the last several years and watched the price creep up and up. I could get basic with limited data for 60 bucks per month.

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My husband did a speed test on our ATT and it was running 18 Mbps. My husband did a test on the speed because I thought it was impossible to jump that much. The test showed Mbps on download. So far we are very happy with it but we will continue to monitor the download speeds. We have not seen any digital breakup of Netflix or other streaming services as of yet. I cut the cord a long time ago and do not miss it. All of the mainstream broadcast news is heavily censored and most of the stuff on cable TV is really a waste of time. Comcast offering of free Wi-Fi service and the claim it does not affect its customers is completely false.

At some point all of this data has to be transmitted through connections that have data limits. When you allow these non-subscribers access to a point of service there is the possibility the data limit will be exceeded. Comcast speaks of bandwidth concerns and other matters but this absolutely says they are not doing there due diligence to correct or improve this matter. They continue exploiting their paying customers by allowing non paying users to add to the bandwidth and throughput problems when they login freely.

I really need to either buy a cable modem or just build a Faraday cage around mine.

I had Wi-Fi turned off altogether using an external enterprise router instead , so I wonder if mine is still acting as a hotspot. I miss the glory days when local, independent ISPs were the norm, not national providers I worked for quite a few local ISPs, and miss them greatly. We use to have Comcast so I guess they want us back.

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We were getting rid of DISH in a month after contract. Your email address will not be published.

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