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It's not a record-breaking result, but it's relatively close to Samsung's flagship and the Asus Zenfone 2. The Mlais M7 packs a laminated 5. The good news is that the display looks very good. The colours are vibrant, albeit with a cool tint. The Gorilla Glass 3 on top is not too reflective.

Our review sample shipped with a pre-installed screen protector which adds a bit of glare. In case you are really, really paranoid about the screen, you can get a toughened, tempered glass screen protector, with an oleophobic coating. Well, maybe just one — the Mlais M7 does not appear to have a noise-cancelling microphone.

Mlais M7 Unboxing & First Look - MTK 6752 - 3GB RAM - Elephone P7000 Killer ! [4K]

We tried it out with two SIM cards and everything worked fine. It lacks some advanced features, but it should suffice for casual photography. In daylight, the camera does a very good job, with very low noise levels and good colour reproduction.

This means you can end up with some HDR ghosting. For example, this is what we got on a windy day - the colours are spot on, dynamic range is good, but as you can see, fluttering leaves and flowers cause a fair amount of ghosting. It gets a bit trickier in low light. Night images end up with a fair amount of grain. Still, we managed to get some nice dusk photos.

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While a newer sensor with a faster aperture would have been a great choice, we need to keep in mind that we are still dealing with a very inexpensive device. The launcher is very similar to the Google Now launcher, although some transitions and animations were ditched. With the most powerful mid-range processor on the market, 3GB of RAM and an undemanding p display, we are looking at one snappy device.

The hardware has no trouble dealing with anything you throw at it, and it would probably be lighting fast even with a p display. Our only complaint is the stock lock screen, which has a limited choice of backgrounds and does not allow for custom ones. While the OS is mostly stock, there are a few custom features. The customization revolves around gestures and the integrated fingerprint scanner.

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You can also set up 7 custom gestures, depending on your needs and preferences. Most of the gestures work well, although some can be sluggish. For example, double-tap is nearly instantaneous, while swipe up to unlock takes more than a second. What about using the fingerprint scanner to unlock the device?

Well, there is some good news and bad news. To start the process you will need to access the lock screen, which is easy thanks to the reliable and fast double tap feature. In case you had your finger on the sensor when you tapped the phone, it will unlock in a heartbeat. Obviously, since the scanner is on the back, you will need to use your index fingers on it. The sensor area is relatively small, but the sensor itself works well.

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To be frank, when it comes to value phones with fingerprint scanners, we are still sceptics, but Mlais appears to have done an decent job; the scanner is relatively reliable and, coupled with double tap, it is rather fast. Of course, dispensing with the need to access the lock screen entirely would be ideal.

Like we said, from a hardware perspective the decision to place the scanner on the back makes sense on oversized devices.

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It helps keep the height down, and at mm tall, the Mlais M7 is just marginally taller than some 5-inch phones. While it is still relatively wide, it is one of the most compact 5. With a thumb scanner, there are a lot less variables to take into account than with the tip of your index finger. Another gripe with the ergonomics is the placement of the power button and volume rocker — both are on the left hand side.

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  • When dealing with an oversized phone with relatively powerful hardware, battery life is obviously going to be a concern. The Mlais M7 ships with a user-replaceable mAh battery. This is not a lot in this day and age, but most users should have no trouble getting more than a day out of it. Our biggest complaint is the charge time — after a few days of testing we let the battery dry dead and tried charging it with the included 1A travel charger.

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    GPS functionality has been a concern on Asian phones for years, but luckily the situation has improved. The M7 had no trouble obtaining a lock, although an indoor look took quite a bit more time unsurprisingly. The accuracy was good. A microSD slot is on board as well, and all three can be used at the same time. However, you will need to remove the battery to access them.

    Unless you absolutely need a p panel, NFC, or a best-in-class camera, the Mlais M7 is a very good choice. In terms of the actual specs, the Mlais M7 is a larger smartphone and comes with a 5. This is along with a Mali-T graphics processor. In terms of memory, the M7 comes equipped with 16GB internal storage as standard, along with the ability to expand on the memory with a MicroSD card slot upto 64GB.

    Mlais M7 Plus has a new processor MT6753, a large battery and an improved camera

    In terms of cameras, the M7 offers a megapixel rear shooter coupled with a front facing 8-megapixel option. Not to mention, 2G, 3G and 4G are all supported. With all that on offer, the big question will be how much is the device? Well, this is the real selling point. At the moment, the device is in the pre-order status until the end of the month.

    Mlais M7 review: Lots of Lollipop on a budget

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